About Us

At Layer Zero we have two main goals: provide knowledge in general cyber security and prepare members to compete in National Cyber League’s ‘Capture the Flag’.

National Cyber League (NCL) hosts Capture the Flag (CTF) twice a year, a competition where you must find a digital flag using your “hacker” skills. The competition tests your knowledge in several categories, such as cryptography, reverse engineering, web-vulnerabilities and network security. At Layer Zero, we train weekly in order to hone are skills and perform well in CTF.

We also provide resources to prepare members to take the Security+ examination, an entry level certification required by most employers in the Cyber Security Industry.


Phillipe Austria

Jorge Garcia

Michael Lazeroff

Carmen Lee

Angel Garcia


Yoohwan Kim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Previous Officers

Daniel Ainsworth

Jinger Siu

Alira Coffman

Jennifer Lee

Ameera Essaqibr

Alex Corey